New Bounty - Adaptation of Templates for the use of Apparel Manufacturing industry

I just created a bounty for the adaptation of the template functionality in ERPNext for Apparel Manufacturers and sellers.

The style concept is very central to the apparel business and the purpose of this bounty is to properly inculcate this concept into ERPNext by adapting the Template functionality.

I am hoping other users with interest in these functionality can contribute to this issue and also back the bounty.

See bounty below

By the way …i cannot seem to back this bounty by paying…what gives??


@saurabh6790 is looking into this. Will get back to you.

Hi rmehta

I still cannot back the bounty I created. Or any bounty for that matter.


@rmehta @saurabh6790

I also am unable to register for the foundation.

Any suggestions? or do I still hold on?