New bounty for additional POS features and improvements

This thread is to follow up on a previously successful bounty about a month or two ago that had a lot of great feedback and improvements. (see here: New POS interface - Please contribute to the bounty :) [Now $1010!] - #35 by Tropicalrambler )

I think it would be great to get another bounty going for additional features that were requested but never got to be included in the original one.

Maybe we can start the feature request list here and then do a bounty with all of the compiled and pledged requests.

I will get the ball rolling with the following request:

-Ability to pass information into the new POS page - Currently I am using v6 which allows information to be passed into the POS transaction screen, but in the new page design that is not possible. According to @rmehta extension points would need to be built.
The use case for this is the following:
I have a custom application inside ERPnext where I create the customers, and a quote for our service based business. After this quote is generated, we need to pass the information into the POS in order to bill in a retail environment. The issue is that we need to pre-select and pass on the customer already entered into ERPnext and the custom price generated.

-X&Z Reports which has been an on and off topic but nothing has been made.

This feature is used for retail environments for counting the money coming into the cash registers and running a reconciliation report for the flow of money deposited into a particular cash drawer. The report basically assigns accountability to the cash drawer operator by the manager in maintaining track of her funds.

X-Report can be run throughout the day and does not commit any permanent changes. It’s essentially as it’s name states an x ray report of the flow of money. This report is also run right before the end of the day to see what the Z report should have and make sure it can be closed out.

A sample of what this X report would show is the following:

You can start the day with $100 in cash in various denominations to have an assortment of change available for customer transactions.
Throughout the day the records of sales amounts are kept as well as the returns, the discounts, number of customers serviced, tax collected among others.

So if you do $500 in sales the report would show:

Opening balance = $100
Sales = $500
Total tendered = $500
Total $600

It will also list the forms of payment accepted such as:

Cash $100
Check $300
Credit Card:$100

The report should essentially tell you that if you count the cash in the drawer there should be $100, $300 worth of checks and $100 in credit card stub receipts.

Z-Report is the same thing as an X report but it has one extra ability. This is where you actually count the funds available in the cash drawer and enter them in a prompt where it lists all of the forms of payment and you enter the quantities to reconcile against it.

So for example you might see a table form in the following format in a prompt presented to the user:

Tendered - Counted - Over/Under
$300 (pre-filled) - $300 (user entered) - $0 (automatic calculation read only field)

And so on for each payment method. At the end it will generate a report like this one:

More detailed explanation on the X & Z reports can be found here:

If anyone else can break down this report better or in a separate thread we can continue it here:

Either way please contribute a list of additional features wanted so we can start a bounty for them.


Thanks @jpp for starting the second round for improving POS. I’m really interested in X&Z Reports.
Here are some features suggested but didn’t make it into the last round, I’ll tag the people who proposed them in case they are still interested:


Hi @ganas,

Yes am still interested. I believed all the features stated are critical in a retail shopping mall environment.

I would like to add:

  1. Possible if categories are buttons or tabs instead of drop down menu
  • Imagine in an fnb scenario, where there isn’t barcodes to scan, the number of clicks is double
  1. Not on ERPNext per se but a locally installed POS system (separate from the ERPNext app) which can sync with server
    Why? - User can still use multiple POS when the server is down. Once the server is up, then it will sync

  2. Skipping of browser dialogue box when printing receipt

  3. Support multiple printers

  4. POS Settings to set multiple printers, 2nd screen etc.

  5. We may want to create another bounty for integration of POS together with Kitchen Display System with Bump

@ganas my question is how are you doing credit card payment though the the POS

@ganas Whats next in order to implement all these features? Should we create the bounty?

@eagoweb Thanks for showing interest in this topic. @chdecultot has been working on the creation of POS Sessions which will be essential to implement X and Z reports. Here is a link his PR

For the other features, we should try to come up with a proposal for set of features that people are interested in the most and then we can start posting bounty.