New Bounty System on

Can you send a PR ?

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I don’t know the answers. It is impossible for me or anyone without actual knowledge of the behind the scenes process, to sent a PR.

Some more updates

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Is there a way to withdraw the funds? This question will pop up sooner or later.

Maybe all current bounties should be pinned to the top of this forum until completed and paid? This will provide another alert (in addition to the foundation website) for ERPNext solution providers that may wish to contribute.


@System19 it seems like a good suggestion. It will definitely help in getting more eyes initially.

like whether one has backed a bounty with money and then want to withdraw the funds at a later point in time (due to nothing happening, the backer changing their mind, etc …) ?


Hi @netchampfaris, I get the following error when trying to fund a bounty:

However, the money’s left my PayPal account

Can’t Find the bounty pages and FAQ working… Are the links broken or moved somewhere else ?

I think it’s here :

But this link is dead :

The bounties page is down… I was just thinking about contributing some of our modules back to the community

that’s a great idea

  1. the best way to contribute your work back to the rest of us would be to send a pull request to the core code on github.
  2. the bounty system on the site seems not to be maintained any longer. Also I don’t get how this was related to your plan (to contribute your work back to the community)
  3. if it was a monetary donation or something of the likes you had in mind the only way I could think of was to joing the ERPNext Foundation and support the community via the membership fee

Hi Vrms:

  1. We’re not actually looking for monetary returns for contribution, we’re actually thinking of contributing it in exchange of status, that’s why I was interested to check out the bounty system.
  2. Joining the foundation is in the pipeline, we just started so as soon as we are ready, we will contact Frappe/ERPNext.
  3. Our end objectives really is to get some development guidance on customizations.

Your response is a bit more confusing Lee

Do you have modules that you have developed and want to contribute to the core? If yes send a pull request, it will be reviewed and if found ok, it will be merged.


Not much at the moment, as we just started out.

But we do have one that is related to consignment purchasing process.

Will get my tech guys to push it out eventually.

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if you want to contribute any code for ‘status’, as you say. There is no bounty system whatsoever involved. If you are looking for guidance how to contribute your code I suggest you open a separate Topic because it is not related to this here I believe.

None of the links are working for me for some reason


so is ERPNext: Free and Open Source Cloud ERP Software or any other random link :slight_smile:

if you check through the dropdown menues of you’ll not find any bounty reference. So finally the apparently depreciated bounty sytem as per this Topic from a long time has been taken offline also in that regards.

I think it is a fair bet to assume that there is no existing ERPNext specific bounty system. If anyone wanted to create a bounty for ERPNext ddevelopment of whatever kind though … is still online as it always has been.

Actually there are actually some open bounties on bountysource

I am closing this topic now therefore because further discussions are pointless I believe

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