New Bounty System on


As discussed in the last foundation call, we now have a Bounty System on our Foundation website. We have just deployed it on You can access it here.

To start a new Bounty you must have an account.

Make sure to add a detailed description about the feature in the description field.

After the bounty is created, you (and others) can contribute to it.

If you find any bugs, please report it.


It would be good to put together a FAQ on how the entire system works, what/when/how things are paid out, fees, and other details.

You should be able to use most of BountySources FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions · bountysource/core Wiki · GitHub.


Looks really good. Well done guys.

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Hi @netchampfaris

How does this differ to bountysource? In which use case will this be useful?
How can the community, developers and ERPNext benefit from this?

It seems the “poster” should know the price of development already?
For bountysource, developers can proceed to work if they feel the accumulated bounty is right.


The concept is similar to bountysource, but it is better to have all development related activities on the Foundation website. This was decided in the last foundation call.
Also, UI is cleaner (I think) :slight_smile:

This is still the first version, feedback is appreciated. Also, the Bounty Goal can be changed at any time.

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Great job! :+1:

Thanks! I do acknowledge that it would be better.

And yes, how does this intended to work actually?

My suggestions

  1. Categorization of issues
  2. Payment integration
  3. Allow developer to bid and timeline on the bounty and show the highest or every bidders price. This is to show potential backers roughly how much the bounty would cost. (Having this problem with Bountysource too)
  4. Enable developers to claim and backers to pay out.
  5. Bounty Status - Collecting, In Development, Completed, Claimed, Paid Out
  1. can you post the github repo for the bounty system please @netchampfaris ? I can’t find it here.

  2. at present it is required to login to in order to create a bounty (aka you have to be a member of the foundation) - what’s the benefit of limitating the potential userbase in such a way? I personally think the Foundation is meant to be a go-to point for the ERPNext community as a whole rather then a limited to interact between it’s members.

Anyone can create an account on, they’ll be “Website Users” and can start Bounties.

@netchampfaris can you post the proposed terms here so the community can comment.

We have added an FAQ just now

The exact location: foundation/foundation/erpnext_foundation/doctype at master · erpnext/foundation · GitHub

-bounty and

This is quite limited. There are a lot of good questions in the sample FAQ, and it’d be good if the same are answered.

Some key questions:

  1. As a backer, when am i charged?
  2. As a developer, what is the process for collecting a bounty? How will the bounty be paid out? What are the fees?

Also, it may be good to have an advocate look into the setup, financials and terms of this system. If my understanding is correct, with the current setup, EOSSF is completely liable for any claims/allegations in this area, so it’s something to be careful about.

Can you send a PR ?

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I don’t know the answers. It is impossible for me or anyone without actual knowledge of the behind the scenes process, to sent a PR.

Some more updates

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Is there a way to withdraw the funds? This question will pop up sooner or later.

Maybe all current bounties should be pinned to the top of this forum until completed and paid? This will provide another alert (in addition to the foundation website) for ERPNext solution providers that may wish to contribute.


@System19 it seems like a good suggestion. It will definitely help in getting more eyes initially.

like whether one has backed a bounty with money and then want to withdraw the funds at a later point in time (due to nothing happening, the backer changing their mind, etc …) ?