First Bounty awarded via ERPNext Foundation ! Historic Moment ;-)

Hello!! Everyone,

:tada: :gift: :tada:

Good News!! the bounty system is working!! “Let’s do a PR” :slight_smile:

One of the aim of ERP foundation is to help community give back generic solution to ERP monolithic so that everyone benefits. New Bounty system

In mid of August 2017 the ERP foundation came up with bounty system.

It had some traction but I guess not enough and then came annual 2017 conference in Oct.
During, this @rmehta made a very logical,precise and emphatic talk asking everyone to do a PR!. In fact the tag line of the conference became “Let’s do a PR”

Like many others, we were bystanders to this commotion. But after Oct, it did made us think. So we tried to “scratch our itch !”. There was bounty from James Turner from South Africa. His business required to by pass credit limit check for sales order.

It went through iterations:

  • Make business logic clear with bounty backer
  • Come up will solution and float it on forum to ripe it
  • Code it and do PR
  • Code review happened by @nabinhait & @tundebabzy
  • Write test case
  • Come up with documentation and animated gif to explain it
  • Final PR goes in develop branch and from there to master !
  • Bounty gets awarded!! :gift:

As such it is code in motion and based on initial thing will go to further business/code changes

We see many community members are already doing PR, to effectively meet the core vision
ERPNext for everyone ! “by everyone” :slight_smile:

We wish all the best for the new monthly bounty module wise feature system , announced by @revant_one.


Awesome! May the tribe increase :slight_smile:

The more we work together, the better all of us will turn out :sunny: