New button is not there in Warehouse View

Please help me to to solve the issue of new button in warehouse list view.

There is now buttons to create new warehouse.

On which version you are saying ?
In version-8 , Now “Warehouse Tree” is available,from that tree- you can ‘add child’ (New warehouse)

I am on latest version installed on 10 april. i can see warehouse tree but did not get how to add new warehouse.

When i click on details in warehouse tree it takes me to details to that particular warehouse. I did not see any add or new ware in the details button click

-Go to Warehouse Tree

  • Click on “All Warehouses” link
    -There will be option of “Add Child”
    i.e add new warehouse

thanks for your reply there is no link for add child this is the problem please guide me how to get it

Check whether do you have permission of warehouse creation…
If no ,then give ‘Create’ permission to warehouse through ‘Role permission Manager’.

I check all the permissions as well but the problem was that there was no link for new child like in chart of accounts.

It is still permission issue, please try as administrator, if you can see it then the role that your own account hold is missing that permission.

Thanks for your support, Please guide for one more thing that how i can get complete schools module.


To get complete school module ,for that check this link

Thanks everyone for supporting me. Please guide me that in my schools module calendar is not opening when i click on “Course Schedule”. How i can fix it.

one more thing. is it possible that i can update only one module in erpnext