New Chart Of Accounts displays every G/Ls as $0.00 cr

Hi all,

I’m new to ERPnext from QuickBooks

I imported our new Chart of accounts before entering/importing in any beginning balances.

My concern is that every G/L account I have setup is displaying “Cr” after every balance even though all the account types are set correctly (all my assets are set as Asset Root Type, all my expense accounts are set as Expense Root Type etc etc…)

With the ERP next videos I watched in regards to the CoA, newly imported accounts have Dr & Cr after the balances, where mine all say Cr

Ref1 ERPNext - Chart of Accounts Importer in Version 12 - YouTube

Ref2 ERPNext - Chart of Accounts - YouTube

Is this just because I have imported a CoA and not set any beginning balances or have I missed a step