New Community App for Pivot Analytics in ERPNext

I am happy to announce that we have been working on integrating Pivoting functionality into ERPNext and have come to a point where it could be developed into an actual module in ERPNext with little community help.

Link to public GitHub repository -

Functionality -

  1. Search and go to “Self Anlalytics”
  2. Select a DocType or write a custom SQL Query.
  3. Click on the “Pivot” button at the top.

We have used the webdatarocks pivot tool. Please suggest if there is a better tool or how can we enhance this and maybe help us develop this into something like “Report Builder” in erpnext


We’re looking for developers to help is enhance the module and will ultimately want to merge it into erpnext

Add some screenshots, documentation, video / gif about how it works.

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