New Company Creation

I am trying to enter my first company in ERP Next – the instructions state to enter the Company Name, Initials, and the Currency type → then select Save. I get an error saying that Message: Could not find Warehouse Type: Transit

When I try to create a warehouse I get the message telling me I have assign a company. I am then given the opportunity to create a company… Ring around the rosy…

What do I need to do?

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Go to Warehouse Type and check if Transit exists currently:


transit does not exist.

Create the Transit warehouse and then try creating the company.

When I try to create the warehouse it asks me for the company. Because I don’t have any companies the system allows me to try and create a company, but it can’t create the company because it doesn’t have a transit warehouse. Kind of a loop of futility,

Is there a way to force the company or warehouse into the system?

Not Transit warehouse, but warehouse type.

After creating the warehouse type - Transit (like in the screenshot) the system should be able to pick it up and use it to create the warehouse itself.

thanks for this