New company still has old company ledger entries?

I recently started an account to try this out, thinking that I could use the trial for what it is meant for. To play with things and try it out and see if it’s going to work.

I cannot, however, start anything officially because it won’t let me delete any transactions. I read from another user that the best solution is to create a new company and start clean. I have tried that, but after creating the new company, when I open the GL, I still see entries and balances from the original company.

Why does a new company not have a clean CoA to begin with? If I can’t remove the old company, nor be able to delete transactions, nor be able to create new company with clean books, I guess I cannot use ERPNext because I won’t have valid accounting.

Are you on frappe cloud? If so, you can wipe the database from the control panel.

(And, to add, the new company should indeed have a clean chart of accounts. When you saw the old entries, are you sure you were looking at the new company’s CoA and not the old?)

It’s hosted on the cloud, yes, although I have just the minimal hosting currently as I’ve been searching for a good solution platform. I can log in via frappe, but all it does is provide me with a link to my hosted site, which I already have obviously. I have no link or indication of access to any control panel.

On the CoA, to clarify: After creating the new company, when I went back into accounting, the general ledger, balance sheet, p&l, etc, all reflected amounts that were results from transactions done with the original company. In the GL, I was able to backspace out the company name at the top, which then let me choose the new company, so that at least was progress. I then opened up the CoA, however, and it only displays the original company at the top. Even though the company selection is in the form of a drop-down selection, it only contains the original company and does not contain the new company. And of course, that leaves me still looking at data from the original company transactions.

I hope that makes sense. Perhaps there is still something I’m missing somewhere, but I just can’t take chances on something when it seems numbers from two separate entities can so easily get inter-mingled.

Thank you for your response, it was still helpful.

You mentioned a trial so I guessed that you were using, which features a dashboard control panel. If you’re using a general VPS, you can reset your existing site from the command line with bench --site [sitename] --force reinstall

That’s odd. I just tested now and the new company I created showed up immediately as an option in report dropdowns. Did you create the new company as a child of the original one? In the new company’s Company document, are you able to see the various default accounts set?

As you like. ERPNext allows you to manage multiple companies from a single instance. If that’s “intermingling”, you could certainly choose to set up only one company per instance. Or not. You seem to have made up your mind that ERPNext isn’t for you, and I don’t imagine anyone will try to convince you otherwise.

I realize my wording may appear that my mind is made up, but that’s not my intended meaning. I simply mean I can’t use it if I can’t resolve something that’s vitally important like that.

Because there seems to be a couple issues I’m dealing with, I’ll back up to the root and just ask about it first, which is the hosting. When I signed up, it was through the ERPNext site, using the trial to get started. In the plan it shows the F-Cloud icon, so I assumed it to be the Frappe Cloud hosting. As long as that’s the case then you’re correct. I wanted to be sure though because that was a good question, so I went to the actual frappecloud site, and it doesn’t know of my login.

So, first things first, is it actually being hosted there? I thought it was, but maybe not? My site was placed on a subdomain, if that means anything. Perhaps once I have this figured out, I’ll know more of why I don’t have it working correclty.

Edit: As a side note, I found that the CoA was pulling from cache, even after using the refresh function for the page. I had to refresh my browser itself while forcing no cache, and then the new company showed up. So that seems to be ok now. I’m still curious about the hosting log in though. Maybe I need to create an account on Frappe itself, but I’m not sure if it’ll link to my existing hosted package.

I don’t know much about hosting on I believe it uses frappe cloud on the backend but uses a different sales model. If you’re looking to reset your instance, there’s probably a way but I don’t know it. You might reach out to their support.

From your instance search for ERPNext Support Ticket and raise a ticket for any help.

Thank you both very much for your help.