New custom App/feature for erpnext in the finance module

I am thinking of an idea to change how the banking loans/credit on a company’s account receivables. Unfortunately I have no idea how the parties involved(the company representative and the bank representative) come to an agreement on

  • — Interest rate
  • — Amount of Credit
  • — Ratio of Credit amount to accounts receivable

I am wondering if there is a problem in this negotiation and can we disrupt it? My idea has it’s origins in solutionism and “Ooh cool idea” basis than an understanding of the problem. Please tell me about the process/details that generally happen in this situation. I’ll see if I can create a survey to narrow down the problem better.

My initial research only gives me this:

@nabinhait, @prakash , Any inputs? Or rather who are the industry people who would know the answers to these questions? Please help.