New Custom UI Theme for ERPNext - Flat Design

Hi Helio_Jeus

how can i restore => you can uninstall my app

bench --site [sitename] uninstall-app bdtheme

or change to another Theme => just uninstall my app then install another theme (but current I don’t know any theme).

Translation to other languages when ? => I don’t know but now you can edit my theme.

– change logo you can overwrite my images.


– change link + language of menu



Would be great to have it and able without uninstall to swap themes (yours and default ERPNext) also to save per user(admin uses default, others yours).
Also to get modules automatically this way translation can be applied…
For instance I have my app with extra modules and to add need to change the HTML!!!

Still a good work.


hey I really love your theme it’s so beautiful, quick question though, how do i remove some of the items on the sidebar?

Hi Yvonne_Nduta

Now I hard code. so if you want change logo and menu you can edit files:

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Thank you, that wasn’t working on my remote server so I had to install the app again with the changes from git. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really like that!

Is it possible to install that on hosted ERPNext at directly? If yes, how?


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Nope, you cannot install. As far as i know it’s not allowed to install custom app in hosted version


Nice and smooth Design thanks @KylekClau

This sounds great - some ability to create menus as a doctype and then apply a menu to a user.
When are you hoping to have this part done?

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@kolate_sambhaji I am trying to use this code but I am not able to call this in jinja!

I can’t call frappe.render_template inside callback function

Could you give me a hint of how I can use this to render menu items?

method: “frappe.desk.moduleview.get”,
args: {
module: item.module_name
callback: function(r) {
frappe.render_template(“section”, {“label”:,“items”})
freeze: false,

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@Mohammed_Redha i think it is off topic kindly create a new thread or find related existing thread related to your query

It is js method, you can not use it in jinjha template,