New Custom UI Theme for ERPNext - Flat Design

Made is looks more modern and flat design was applied.

Do have a look at my second theme

Would like some feedback for the new custom UI.

Download LINK HERE <=====

UI Theme 1


@KylekClau it looks cool. Is it something that you have already coded?

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Yes. Will be uploading soon at GitHub. Still fixing some Issues.


Does this do away with the desk?


It works as same as the original ERPNext. Just the UI is different.

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OK. Well done by the way, it looks pretty sleek.

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How do you install it? is it a plugin or are you overriding core files?

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I’m currently overriding core files and it was not recommended. Still finding a better way to do it.

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very good looking
reminds me of Wordpress

cant wait to see this as an App

well done!

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Looking forward to try it. would you mind sharing your github


Very nice! :+1:

I like the darker colors :clap:

Not sure if a “dark” mode would turn out nice, but for sure I’d like the background of an app I’m staring at 5…6 hours a day to be easy on my eyes… Definitely a light gray background will be better than a whitey white one :wink:

How about a monokai-ish theme for erpnext?

Monokai on Atom

Download Link available. Check the Discussion.

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I think it would be great if we can have full screen width view with some nice templates (still bootstrap standard).
I have used the following template and migrated one of my CRM web project last year.



@guojian83 That’s really cool!

@cpurbaugh @KylekClau I remembering a team of us started to code a admin lte theme for erpnext for version 4 and we stopped because of version 5 was released. The only way for these templates to work is if we can find a way to make it an add-on.

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I don’t thing it wise to invest in creating themes with the current Frappe style structure since future updates will break things.
The focus should be on enabling themeing for Frappe. It shouldn’t be really hard to achieve, especially with SASS maps. Keep the CSS as dry as possible, declare variables … it would be easy to generate and update themes for frappe using same SASS files. here are some interesting readings about SASS theming and MAPS


@team_frappe, is there any chance for custom theme implementation,AdminLTE can be considered for theming.

Nobody has mentioned it and yor README. Is the basic difference to the original theme that your theme is more suited to a computer panorama view (so it utilizes the entire width available)?

@ganas could we achieve what is above with sass maps though. From my understanding he customizes the css and the html. If you how then i would start building a new theme based on something the adminlte

I’m really not the best to answer since I’m not much of UI guy. I know that CSS files in frappe are build using Less files since its relying of Bootstrap 3 (Bootstrap 4 will be exclusively using Sass) so the team will have to migrate Less files to Sass when Bootstrap 4 come out. If you look at the Less files for frappe and erpnext you find that frappe team did a good job using variables however, there still lots of hardcoded values. There are ways to achieve theming with LESS, however, you still have to do some HTML changes to replace the traditional desk style with side nav.