New Custom UI Theme for ERPNext

Made some change of the font which is very small that having problem reading text.
Also made some changes of the colors.

Do have a look at Flat Design Theme.

Would like some feedback for the new custom UI.

Download LINK HERE <=====

UI Theme 2


I removed the first picture, it was a broken link.

I like the flat one better because it seems responsive. I like the Idea of having most of the screenspace for the documents- helps me to focus better

Download Link available. Check the original Discussion.

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Hello @KylekClau

Why you did not use the icons that you used in theme 1 at link: New Custom UI Theme for ERPNext - Flat Design ?

Also the dark blue color is more nice than the grey.
By the way: Why it is not merged the code?


Hi! I also think the dark blue interface design was more atractive and pleasure. Moreover it looks more expensive and professional. The light one makes text difficult to read and concentrate on. What did you decide in result? It`s interesting to know.