Is it possible to change default template layout in ERPNext?

As per ERPNext Doctype behavior when we create a Doctype in ERPNext it provides a default Form view as we define fields in Doctype.

I am working on a project where i need to change the default layout of the form view .In other words i would need to override the default layout with our designed (html) layout, is that possible?

I couldn’t find any thing helping on it.i believe there must be a solution for this, any thoughts?

i would appreciate

Muhammad Ahsan

If it is desk view, it is challenging to do that without forking.

Workaround can be, add desk page(s) and build a single page js on it.

Maintaining this workaround will be difficult.

Custom Theme for desk and website is in wishlist

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Hello @Muhammad_ahsan

You can make custom page and call frappe api from custom page, because to change form layout you need to change core code and after that you will not able to update erpnext.

We used inbuilt frappe library for this, so it will be easily updated.

Add record using default QuickView.


For custom website you can refer (Under development) built using


@kolate_sambhaji In the second screenshot, when you attach image, does it saves first and then again you have to come back to the page to enter more details in it? I am using similar functionality but when I attach an image, it saves it first and then again I need to reopen the form to enter remaining details. Can you show me a workaround?

Before attach image you need to save the doc. You can attach image only after saving from. This is by design.

What we did is, we write code after_insert event to attach the image.
After insert will call when doc is saved for first time.
For more documentation on inbuilt event please check doc event section.

I have a question…

If I don’t care about altering the desk view of ERPNext, is it easy to apply themes to the rest of the system? (For example the Stock Entry or Accounting functions)

If so, is there a set of instructions to do it that will still allow the desk and website to remain the same?


Thank you so much for the input @kolate_sambhaji

Here is what I am doing

I want to click/upload more than one images and save it after uploading all. Can I write the code after_insert event to accomplish this?


You can write code after insert event.

Once files are saved, it will create new file records. In file record you can update reference name and reference type.


sam can i request demo of this app please email the details if possible.

@kolate_sambhaji, is the code of this custom app open source? Maybe, we can contribute such a dashboard to healthcare domain?

We have scrapped the dashboard, as user find ERPNext UI is more useful than custom than custom dashboard. .

Although Code is open source, I will ask developer to share github repo of code.


is the code of this custom app open source?

Please share

Can you please share the code

Hello @Muhammad_ahsan
Refer to this link:


But this only to change the ERPNext template and not the doctype form shape.
Have you tried to build pages in ERPNext?