New customers cannot add address in website (11.x.x develop)

Hello All,

Thank you all for the awesome support.
I have a site I am putting together.

New customers who sign up on the website cannot seem to place an order.
Initial error was “Not Permitted”
So, I added the customer role to address and address template permission and it resolved that.
However, the address page does not show any fields to add details.

Do I need to grant some field permissions somewhere? I thought it was slam dunk after the initial permission
but no luck yet.

See screenshots below.

Thanks a lot.

I am not sure what fixed it but it’s working now. I notice it isn’t in Google Chrome.
Probably the access permission or running “bench build”. Not sure really.
Will keep fiddling around.

However, there are no countries listed in the country dropdown so I can’t proceed.
I am sure the solution is somewhere.

Let me keep searching for it.