New dashboard chart type - Lists

Hello everyone,
Studying how the dashboards can help our companies learn more of what is happening around, we’ve found that one thing could be useful and that’s to have a dashboard chart type in the form of lists.

Here’s a real scenario:

We would customize the Lead statuses and make a dashboard chart that would display in a list all leads currently under a specific status.

Now, I know that the Report Builder can do this very well, however, I am thinking of having these types of lists on a dashboard with other charts.

Other secondary scenarios that could benefit our business at least:

  1. Upcoming events in the dashboard - as a List
  2. Best performing of a specific doctype - as a List - this could benefit the hospitality industry of which we are part as well

Food for thoughts and comments :slight_smile:


Hey @Iulian_Olaru I also have a need for this. Did you get anywhere with it?

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Unfortunately, no, didn’t get anywhere. It seems nobody replied but you haha.

I am still in need of this and I think maybe I will contract a developer and eventually share it if anyone would want it too


Does it look close to this:

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yes please

v14 workspaces have similar feature: feat: Quick List Block for Workspace by shariquerik · Pull Request #16887 · frappe/frappe · GitHub