New DocType and accepting paymentso

I want to create a new DocType and accept payments against it. For example, say I create a docType ‘Insurance’ and need that listed in ‘Party Type’ dropdown of the ‘Payment Entry’ screen.

Also, please suggest documentation that I should go through in order to understand this better.


According to me, It’s completely irrelevant, Instead of adding insurance in Party Type, You can add ‘Insurance’ doctype in Reference. (Payment Entry Doctype)

What happen to this issue? Is there any update how it went through? My case is almost the same with this, i need to include doctype i created “Lot Reservation Entry” in payment reference so that i can add payment entry against “Lot Reservation Entry”. Hope someone could help. Currently, the standard doctypes included in reference_doctype are the following only: Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Journal Entry, Dunning. I wanted to include Lot Reservation Entry.

I am not sure what path I went. I would suggest you go through the implementation of Payment Entry doctype definition and in the ERPNext code and see how it filters payment reference entries.