New Doctype field connect to different database table instead of the auto created table

I created a doctype which auto generate a new Database table, but i don’t want the new database table, instead of using of existing database table (not frappe database).

How can i achieve this please ?

Why do you need to do this? Do you have 2 differents software doing the same? Can you tell the use case where do you need it?

Hi @geekroot, i doing this because we have an existing database for online store, and i am doing another one for our kiosk based selling, i must integrate it to the same table for some purpose… i am thinking, if erpnext is unable to connect to different database table, then i will use ajax to trigger my existing webservice to insert data into database.

Before i proceed the step i mentioned, i just want to clarify whether is that way to connect to different database instead of the auto generated table by docType.

You will need to use your API because it is not possible using Frappe to do what you want.

@geekroot Okay, noted. Thank you very much

Hello, I need one query
how to connect one or more database or existing database like(postgres,sqllte) ERPNext?