New DocType from existing DocType

I wanted to use the ‘Note’ docType to create a ‘quicklist’ of Notes. I wanted to create many such lists for storing different notes(work related, personal,…). But it seems like only one instance of a quicklist is supported. Even if I create a second list using the same docType, it ends up in the creation of a list, with all the notes added to the existing lists added to the new list too!!

  1. Is it a bug? Can it be fixed?
  2. Is it possible to create a new doctype using an existing doctype as template?
    For example:
    1. Define/Create a new DocType, as list of Note DocTypes - ‘Note List’
    2. Starting from an existing Doctype, edit/adapt it and save as a new docType

I hope the experts can understand what I am looking for, and thanks in advance :slight_smile:


doc = frappe.get_doc(“DocType”, ur_doctype_name)
new_doc = frappe.copy_doc(doc) = new_doctype_name_to_be_given

Then, you can edit further from this doctype created.

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