New England (Boston) Meetup

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Since we’re now in January, should we confirm a date and location? I just want to make sure I don’t miss this one (like I had to last year :frowning: )

@DrTrills same spot, Jan 20th 10AM to 3:00+.

I will do one presentation (you guys tell me what you want to hear about), I have another guest (@jhk) lined up to present on data table.

Does anybody have an experience with live streaming?

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If this is live streamed, I would definitely like to join and listen/learn. Thank you for the consideration.


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Details here:

Agenda additions:

@cpurbaugh is coming up from Baltimore and will be talking about Metalcraft/Sea-Fire’s V7 and V11 implementations

@aldoblack - Aldo is going to present some work he’s being doing with a shopping cart and also some work with Pandas.

People have opinions about food? Allergies?

Thanks for leading the charge Tyler

Me too! I suspect lots us in the hinterland would like to catch this event.

So we are in suspense here - 339 views no pressure ok :slight_smile:

I need a volunteer with technical know-how. I have no experience with it. Worst case, we’ll try to record it on VHS and send out tapes.

Hey everybody, there’s a nasty forecast for Sunday. What would people like to do?

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Saturday’s weather looks okay. I could do Saturday.

Also, would it be a complete waste of time to try doing a google hangout or some other type of remote meeting? At least to accomplish a few things?

Just a few thoughts.

I am not available on Saturday. @cpurbaugh has booked a flight for Sunday. I’m two hours away from Norwood on a typical Sunday, I don’t know what it would be with all this rain and snow.

Hi everybody, we’re expecting about a foot of snow where I’m driving from. We’re rescheduling:
Please vote for Saturday Feb 2nd, 9th or 16th.

@aldoblack @cpurbaugh @DrTrills @stardotmatt @woakes070048 @kmoroz1 @cradford

Hi, I vote for Feb 2nd.

I am not available on Feb 16th.

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I vote for Feb 2nd as well! @tmatteson @aldoblack

I’m open to any day, so it seems the 2nd wins. Tyler is available as well, I just spoke to him on the phone.

If anyone disagrees with this day, speak now or forever hold your peace :slight_smile:

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Awesome… so we’re on for the 2nd? I’m in!

Hi Guys,

I was hoping to make a surprise appearance but couldn’t get a sitter and didn’t want to torture my daughter by having her go again. If you can post the video that will be great. We are making progress with getting our sensor data into erpnext and hopefully by next meetup it will be in the marketplace.


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That sounds like good news we will stay tuned!

Yes for the rest of us 1000s of kms away (wintering in our caves?) whatever followup morsels you can offer would be appreciated…

Thank you everyone for coming out the other day for our 2nd meetup!

Again my apologies for the morning blunde! Looking forward to the next one.

A special thanks for @tmatteson for organizing and driving the meetup / conversation. You are a true asset to the New England ERPNext community!

And I’ll second the thank you, especially to @tmatteson for setting this all up and despite his late arrival ( :wink: ), to @DrTrills for hosting. As it was my first meeting, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away by the collective forward thinking and willingness to share and help that all members contributed and it was great to meet @aldoblack and @cpurbaugh as well. (Hoping I didn’t forget to @ namedrop anyone else).

Looking forward to our next official meetup and any convos’ we can have inbetween sessions too.

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Are you guys still actively meeting?

Since the pandemic started, no. Hopefully next year.

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