New England (Boston) Meetup

Hello everyone,

Last year there was conducted New England Meetup. Unfortunately I said that I was going to participate but I was out of country and did not participate. ( ERPNext New England Meetup )

I was hoping that this year we could conduct another meetup. Maybe late January or whenever you want.

@tmatteson , @DrTrills , @woakes070048 , @cradford , @stardotmatt , @bkm , @anand . Tagging all the people who are in the link above.

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I’m in. In fact, if anyone is interested, I’ve got a unique project I’d like to mock up either for the meeting or before. I’d love to discuss the details with anyone who’s interested, either via remote group / video chat , individually or in person.

Sidebar, I know it’s short notice, but perhaps we could meet sooner rather than later, before the New England weather turns, well, New England winter-y. Maybe early November?

I’m in whenever you want. Just regarding the place, would be better if we decide somewhere in Greater Boston (Cambridge, Somerville, Medford) area since I personally, don’t have a car. Don’t know about the others.

Great idea, but I am unavailable until April. Just started a big project and cannot take focus away from it until I have enough people to keep it rolling. It is slated for an early April delivery, so things should be less chaotic by then.


@DrTrills travels a bunch as well. Patrick when are some times you might you be back from Europe? I’m up near Concord, NH but I seem to recall that a Metro West kind of spot made the most sense for the most people. And @anand is in Michigan now but it’d be super to have him out if he’s in the area. I don’t have any experience with live streaming, but I’d like to do that.

I’m in Mumbai at the code sprint and having a blast. I am hopeful that we could try to alternate the talks and code sprint meetups as well, maybe quarterly?

Hi all!

I’d love to be part of the next meetup if possible. As @tmatteson said I travel a lot and won’t be back in NE til December. Perhaps we can plan a January meetup? I am happy to host again in Norwood like we did last time.

Otherwise open to suggestions. Thanks!

Tyler- Enjoy India!!! Wish I could be there!

@DrTrills Patrick, when in December? It seems like we could make an early December meetup work.
@aldoblack Aldo, I’d be happy to coordinate transportation with you if we end up doing the meet in Norwood again.

@tmatteson I should be free by the ~15th if that works. Though cutting it tight with everyone given the season… That said i’m happy to be free another Saturday/Sunday(15/16) morning/afternoon.

Lets see what everyone says and we can go from there!

Have we made any decisions on dates/timeframes/locations yet? Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any major announcements.

I am still waiting. I believe we should meet in January.

@stardotmatt @aldoblack Yes, we’re switching to January. We need to give people enough notice - there has been interest in folks coming in from outside New England and two weeks in December is just not enough time to accommodate. Is there a weekend in January you’re available?
@DrTrills - how long are you stateside?

Count me in. I went to the one last year and got a lot out of it. thanks

I’ll be out of country and I will return January 13. So starting from the third weekend of January (Jan 19) I will be available.
It’s better if we meetup somewhere near Greater Boston Area, as I mentioned above. Lack of transport. I don’t have a car personally.

How does Sunday Jan 20th work? That is unfortunately probably my only free time… @tmatteson

Either way happy holidays to everyone! Hope we can pull this off!

That works for me. @aldoblack @kmoroz1 @stardotmatt @cradford

Nice. The 13th is also now open so I suppose either one! @tmatteson @aldoblack @kmoroz1 @stardotmatt @cradford

Regardless of date, we can start putting together an agenda.

What do people want to hear about?

@cpurbaugh You interested in coming up?

I should be able to do either date… just let me know what I can bring for food/drink/etc. :slight_smile: I also have a plethora of extension cords, extra WAPs, etc., if we need any tech too

I am up for Jan 20th or later. But Jan 20 should e good.

Possibly. I’ll have to see what my schedule is looking like.