ERPNext New England Meetup

Calling all who would be interested in a meeting in the greater Boston area.
@DrTrills @woakes070048 @cradford

Let’s get something on the calendar for an afternoon in January or February.
I’d like to get 4-5 topics outlined and would like to include remote participants and/or speakers. Let’s talk about what we want to get out of such a meetup and go from there.

There will be food.

Are there other enticements that need to be made?

I live there. I am interested. Let me know for more information.

Hey @aldoblack
Any requests for topics? Or food for that matter?

Food is not a big issue. :stuck_out_tongue:
Regarding the topics you might wanna do more like small trainings, like implementing HTML, or how to use Jinja and web forms, etc.

I am interested as well! January (perhaps week 1 or 2) would be best for me as I will most likely be away from BOS in Feb for a while.

Great initiative @tmatteson Thank you

How many people are interested so we can start narrowing down a venue?
For me i’d be interested in sharing how ERPNext has helped form and shape our company, though for the deep technical stuff I may not be the best resource.

Looking forward to meeting everyone

@DrTrills Cool! I’ll take that as one idea for a data (early January) and another idea for a topic (the Maxima Consulting implementation).

@woakes070048 @cradford What about you guys?
@aldoblack - I can do a section on implementing HTML, so we can take that as another topic.

Yeah i would be okay with Jan

Count me it, please. It’s too early for me to be able to contribute much but I’m looking forward to meeting some like-minded folks and learning more about how ERPNext ‘really’ works.

Early January would be fine with me.

Any specifics as to location?

Looks like maybe 5 people are interested so far which makes this a pretty manageable group (though more the merrier) .

For location if we are small like this (less than say 8 people) i’m sure we can use our office in Norwood and just order some food/drinks and keep it casual.

If more people/or we want more of an official approach we can rent our some area like:

I think a 5-8 person meetup is a good place to start. We can plan to get bigger the next time. I’d think that a 3-hour time frame would allow for presentations and general discussion. This would be the first time any of us have met in person, so they’ll be a lot of getting to know each other talk too.

If you guys are meeting in Boston area, maybe @anand (if you are still around) can also join!

@anand You are most welcome, please come! The plan is for a for a Boston Area, so if there are others who might be interested, please speak up!

NOTE: Maybe it is an information that is not in your interest but I am not going to be in USA for New Year, and I return 14th January in Boston.

For January, I’m traveling the 24th-31st. So there’s a window there to do it.

Norwood is fine for me.

Alright folks, let’s set this up since we’re about ~6 weeks away.

Tagging people so they don’t miss it:
@aldoblack @DrTrills @woakes070048 @cradford

If you’re just finding this, please go ahead and add your preferred date and introduce yourself.

Thanks for tagging! Would have missed this.

Perfect. Thank You.

@woakes070048 and @anand (if available), we’re waiting on responses from you guys. Please complete the doodle poll if you can make it in the time frame outlined.

Thanks guys, the votes are in. Looks like Saturday Jan 20th is the preferred date with 3/5ths.