New ERPNext provider

I’m looking for an open source ERP for a customer and came across ERPNext.

I want to implement it on the servers or on AWS.

My questions are:

1 - How do you turn off the annoying click every time i save doc?

2 - I want to log into the database via SQL in create ETL process to integrate the ERPNext data with other systems of my customer. How do i do it? i need RO username password and connection string.


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Hi. Welcome to the forum.

  1. You can turn off the sound by going to User menu > My Settings > More Information Section > Mute Sounds and Save the form.

  2. The database username and password can be found in the frappe-bench/sites/sitename/site_config.json file

1 can’t find my settings.
2. How do I enter to the link prompt?

OK , I Found the mute.

how do i enter prompt ?

Since you are on our cloud, you won’t be able to access the database directly. You can use our REST API though.

I’d recommend to avoid adjectives like “annoying” in a post like this generally. Using such doesn’t add clarity to to your point and might be potentially frustrating to the ones you are asking for help (maybe because they just love that sounds, or they think it’s cool or cute) and thus reduce the quantity or quality of feedback you might get.

… just an opinion


Ok, sorry… I was frastrated because I couldn’t turn it off.