New Event not appearing in my Lead

Dear all,
When we generate the "lead’’ it is not showing ‘‘New Event’’ option in my lead
somebody can help please?

Hi @hissam78,

If not checked then check it.
Please go to the end of the lead page and check it.

Thank You!

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Thanks for Reply I have checked but there is no New Event field in Lead.

In the latest version 13, proper works on my side.
Please update your version then check it.

Thanks, How to update version Please.

If manually install and If you have not applied the command then apply it.
Make sure, first, to take a backup.

Update the version for

bench update
bench migrate
// or bench --site migrate
bench clear-cache

if an error show in bench update time then apply it.

bench update --reset

that means It simply resets the head of the git to the latest commit in the remote upstream repositories.

Comes in handy if there were any uncommitted/unknown changes.

Thank You!

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Thankful Dear Respectful, Got It :blush: