New Event Planning App

Hi all,

We are grateful for the work done by Frappe and the rest of the community dedicated to building ERP Next into a truly remarkable and enabling platform for organizations worldwide.

We have developed a new app named as Event Planning. By using this app Company can Maintain their event management. Here we have added features like EVENT COSTING, EVENT BUDGETING and UNPLANNED ADDITIONAL COST etc.

At KORECENT (SECTOR 5, Panchkula) we believe, we want to make valuable contributions to the Community with the intention that some or all of this work may be used to enhance this great platform for all who use it.

This app will address new features like :

  1. it allows us to add the total amount of budget allocated for an event.
  2. we can add the total actual cost of the event expenses.
  3. we can also add the total unplanned additional cost.

The purpose of this app is to track all your Actual Allocated Budget cost with the Actual Cost and Unplanned cost of your Events.

The purpose of this post is to share our discoveries and challenges as we also get feedback from the community on:

  • Feasibility of the app limitations and drawbacks.
  • Additional features that may be useful.

We appreciate any feedback/suggestions on our proposed solution and will provide GitHub access soon.


Sahil Saini
on behalf of ERP Next team at KORECENT (


@Sahil Sounds good. As of today, the practice is to contribute modules in ERPNext not make separate apps. If you have detailed specs share them. You are more likely to get help.


@rmehta thanks and sorry it’s not the separate app. we made a new module with functionality.


Please provide github access if possible so that we can try it out and see what gaps can be filled. Once we have more clarity we can request a discussion for design with ERPNext team.

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Great to see this. I was about to develop a similar app for our in- house events. If it’s open source can you share the GitHub link for the source code?

Hello @girumtibebu

Have you made progress with your Events Management app?

Please see Events Management