[ New Feature 🇮🇳 ] Auto-generate e-Way Bill JSON from Sales Invoice

Hello everyone,

I’ve finally finished developing a much anticipated feature in ERPNext.
e-Way Bill JSON can now be auto-generated from Sales Invoice for complying with GST (India).

You can review the changes and track the PR here:

Additional features in the pipeline:

  • Automated JSON submission to ewaybillgst.gov.in (Selenium / Browser Extension)
  • e-Waybill JSON generation from Delivery Note

Feel free to express you approval ( :+1: ) or disapproval ( :-1: ) .
You can also encourage development of these features by donating here.


Can this be used in V10?

Sure, I could port this to v10. But this is a feature and v10 is not open for features anymore.

Is there anyway we can make it a custom enhancement. We are not planning to upgrade to v11 but this enhancement would be very helpful to us.

how to install it on my production server

e WAY bill can also be generated from Delivery Note according to the rules

can we add the e-way bill json functionality in purchase invoice when it return.?