New Feature Bulk RFQ


I was planning on developing a tool to raise multiple Request for Quotations for qualified suppliers.

The feature is needed because consider the case where we get an Opportunity from a customer for manufacturing an item. In order to arrive at the costing for that item we would have to source all the raw materials.
When it comes to sourcing raw materials not every distributor/vendor would be dealing with all manufacturers. There is something called as supplier line card, which gives a list of all the products the supplier deals with. So if we incorporate that into the system then we can automatically create RFQs for items based on the Supplier Line Card.

Proposal -
A new screen called ‘Opportunity Wise RFQ’ which would enable users to select an opportunity that has items in it. And also select a required date for the RFQs that get generated.
A new screen to store the relation for supplier to manufacturers.

So now once you select the opportunity in the new screen system will fetch the active exploded BOM and consolidate all the raw materials required and based on the supplier line card will raise required number of RFQs for items without a price in the system.
So having done this the system will correctly raise RFQs to concerned suppliers for manufacturers that they deal in.

Please let me know if this makes sense so that I’ll start development and raise a PR.

Screenshot -


@rmehta @nabinhait It would be great if you could provide your thoughts on this.

You can call it “RFQ Plan” (like Production Plan)

  1. Select items from Opportunties, Quotes
  2. Select Suppliers
  3. Create RFQ

Ok. We can call it “RFQ Plan”.
The whole purpose of this screen is to reduce the time users spend to raise RFQs to suppliers.
As of now we would have to manually select each supplier and in some cases it would not even make sense to send RFQs to some of the suppliers.

Enter “Supplier Line Card” this document helps to map which supplier/vendor would support which manufacturer.

So now when we use the RFQ Plan Screen it will automatically raise RFQs for suppliers who support that specific manufacturer.

The requirement for this screen came up when we took up a particular use case -
say for example you have an opportunity from a customer. and you have 1 week to quote. The will consolidate all the parts manufacturer wise and raise RFQs making the job of arriving at the cost of the product easily.

Alternate Name suggestion “Opportunity Wise RFQ” or “Opportunity RFQ Plan”

Also since this is a non breaking feature should I raise a pull request for v11 (hotfix) branch?

Please send the PR to the develop branch.