[New Feature] Purchase cycle for Product Bundle

Hi all,

it seems to me a important bug.

Having purchase receipt for an Item, and this item is a Product Bundle, it should absolutely increase stock for all the items included in the Product Bundle as per qty defined in it.

Can someone please confirm this bug?

Let’s have an example, product bundle include:

It’s expected that for a purchase receipt of a Product Bundle, i.e. qty = 1 the Product Bundle Item stock should be updated accordingly.

@nabinhait sorry to tag, but i think its quite important, can you please double check?

Jose Figueroa (Stock module leader) can you please add in requirements?

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Don’t think you are supposed to be able to create a purchase order for a product bundle. It is supposed to be used for selling only as per the text on the setup screen. See below screenshot. Unless the functionality of product bundle has changed, can someone confirm?

Oh, if so … that’s for sure a missing feature or is there any other way to manage incoming bundles?

As @H_N suggested, the product bundle feature is only available for Sales cycle. We can surely implement it for Buying cycle as well, please raise an issue in github.

@nabinhait yes, I realized it is not a bug. I’ve opened an issue and I’m willing to contribute as well, here it comes:


Hello All
Any updates on this issue.

any updates in version 11 or any where

Nope that i know

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I dont understand. there is a forum but no one care what we need.
neither real multi currency accounting nor purchase order /product bundle stock update issue is vital.
i really keen to pay if someone can fix them.

Hear us programmers, hear us!!

What makes you think that? :wink:

:man_facepalming: really?

Sorry if It is unpolite, but frankly most of the forum topics are closed without any solution.

I don’t know if there is but the features which is under development should have been listed, users could have added their comments and further suggestions etc which helps it being implemented flawlessly.

We have been using erpnext for 3 years and same lack of features are still valid. And unfortunately there is not enough expert freelance programmer around.

With 1-2 little (may be not little, I don’t know programming) updates, I believe tremendous amount of people will altered their course from odoo to erpnext

I would be very happy to be wrong

dear @sayyucel If there is any feature you need then it would be wise to raise it as a paid development. Make sure you chose development companies and not freelancers. The company may charge more but they would understand your requirement and deliver it on time. Plus they can be held accountable if they do not fulfill your needs.

You are most welcome to have the PR for merging with core, this way you would be assisting the community. This community has built many apps that are now part of the core, and it was all done free. Many ERP with half features as compared to ERPNext cost bomb. We have done Netsuite for few clients (their need, not pushed by us) and I can tell you its not cheap.


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“frankly most of the forum topics are closed without any solution.”

I don’t see that is the case - if you view this as nothing more than a tool to inform yourself, you will not be disappointed?

We can raise a community to make those developer companies developed desired features instead of burden one individually. I notice that most of the community desire for same features which may be cost too much to be compansated by one .
So we can make a pool and share cost.

I am willing to pay for
Real multi currency
Customer and supplier option (one company can be both)
Product bundle, stock update at purchase
Visual document print layout design (drag drop)
Invoice items without adding them into your product list

I agree with you, that is why we cannot use local programs, lack of many feature, terrible user interface, not being user friendly, and cost too much.
Hope we could do this.

Hello @sayyucel

What do you mean by real multi currency ?


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Which we can trace payments in multiple currencies. Euro invoices to be paid as euro, dollar invoices, dollar etc.
Now we have to create 2 customers with names euro-customer 1 and usd-customer1