[New Feature] Quotation - Markup

Hi Team,
We are proposing a following features to be released,

A) Quotation Markup

  1. User can add markup on quotation dynamically.
  2. Feature will provide a provision to add markup as percentage or flat rate over pricing rule.
  3. On selection of item respective pricing with defined markup gets fetched.
  4. Markup adds markup with item price list.

B) SMS on Comment box

  1. Provision to send a SMS from comment box.

Kindly share your thoughts.

Thanks, Rohit
New Indictrans Technologies pvt ltd.


@rohit_w Great! Some comments:

  1. Make both as separate PRs
  2. Call it “margin” rather than “markup”
  3. Add it in both Quotation & Sales Order

Look forward to your pull-requests


Of course Sales Invoice and quotation would apply too,(if it’s not already linked)

Margin would be super beneficial for the legitimacy of accounting.

Did this become the current margin field?

How is that calculated then? You can’t just call something “margin” rather than “markup” these are two completely different things.

Also, the ability to create separate markups would be great. I would love to write the code but I have no idea how to. Excuse me, I am trying to learn.


When we apply a markup it usually at least consists of indirect costs and profit. I personally like to break out sales tax (for materials and equipment), overhead costs, contingency and profit. This gives me a better view of my budget and a more realistic profit estimation. I imagine this would be handy for other industries to account for waste or shipping losses.