New feature request: "FORMS" for QMS

the companies which using QMS like 9001 need to fill many forms. these forms normally stored in word files but i think it can be integrated in erpnext. i think this will be very simple. first we need a main category named “FORMS”. then there should be “create new form type” in section. for example admin can create a form type named"corrective and preventive form, then the users can add forms in this section. also the admin can edit the form fields easily and users can enter new forms.
i think this is not complicated development and it doesnt need to link any other data in erpnext. maybe in future phases it can be linked with other datas. also it is very superior feature to companies which uses QMS like 9001 like me.
if other people and developers interested in this idea, i can help with discussing the forms logic and mentality.

You can use Custom DocTypes for forms.

yes i can do but, i want to use everyone should have this feature. i can also write my own system but this is an idea to make erpnext perfect all in one solution. also i didnt mean only doctype. docypes is good for special needings but this is very general feature. i mean there should be a main section. QMS documents is very superior thing for companies.

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You could build it and submit it as a pull request back to ERPNext, or have it has a 3rd party app that people can download. I wonder if there would be community support for an ISO 9001 app?