[New feature request] paste multi lines from Excel into Sales/purchase/material request items child table

Currently there is a nice feature to allow user batch upload from Excel/CSV files into child table / Grid in the document by activating the Allow Bulk Edit check box for the child table field in the doctype, check the below attached screen shot for purchase order form


There are the following steps/clicks needed:

  1. save the Excel file,
  2. click upload button
  3. click browse button and locate to the target folder, choose the file
  4. click upload file button
  5. click update button

For same function in SAP, user do the following

  1. Select the rows to be copied in Excel, Ctrl + C
    2. Place the cursor in the current active cell, Ctrl + V

then it is done.

It is suggested to further enhance the child table bulk edit feature to allow direct copy and paste mode as in SAP.


Request you to please create a github issue for this feature suggestion with label Enhancements

Thanks for your cooperation.

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New issue created

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