[New Feature] Translator Portal

Hello Community!

The first phase of Translator Portal has been merged in Frappe (version 12) that allows you to contribute translations to translate.erpnext.com directly from your frappe app.

Contributing Translations:

Change in Status at translate.erpnext.com reflects in your frappe app:

Docs on how to Contribute Translations:

Contribute towards our diverse community by verifying these contributed translations. In order to become a verifier, signup on Login.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas for the next phase, we’d appreciate your feedback.


Nice feature! It will surely create many more translations.

However, it’s impossible to make correct translations without context. For example, “Submit” has two meanings in German: to book and to send. You can book a document but you cannot book a comment. A translation for “Submit” will always be wrong in one context.

Other languages need to now the gender of the speaker and the listener for a correct translation.

Any thoughts how to solve this?


I do agree… In Portuguese “receipt” means paid document from invoice but depending on the context could be salary receipt… Many other examples we have not yet custom translated without the context being reviewed…

I have hundreds of translations in Translation doctype, how to contribute without have to click hundreds of contribute button?

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@sahil28297 do you have any comment on my post above?