New Features & Enhancements for India Compliance

We’re excited to announce some major updates for India Compliance App! These enhancements focus on providing you with simplified compliance, greater accuracy, and a better user experience.

Advanced GSTR2A/2B Reconciliation Tool

To help you save time and maximize the benefits from your GST inputs, we’re introducing our advanced GSTR2A/2B reconciliation tool. Some key features include:

  • Dual reconciliation: Reconcile both 2A and 2B in one go.

  • Advanced algorithm: Complex yet performant algorithm ensuring even PAN level matching for accuracy.

  • One-click report: Download and share your report with vendors in a click.

  • Easy purchase creation: Quickly generate missing purchases to maximize your input credits.

  • Click Less, Do More: Bulk actions to help you narrow down to unreconciled entries.

Already available in Version 15. Coming to Version 14 very soon.

GSTIN Status Validation

Bill accurately with the GSTIN status validation feature. The system will validate the GSTIN status from the portal, to ensure VALID GSTINs are used while creating transactions. It’s refreshed periodically, allowing you to bill correctly right from the start.

Enhancements to e-Waybill and e-Invoice

We have made some significant enhancements to our e-Waybill and e-Invoice features, including:

  • A more informative dashboard: Get a comprehensive overview of non-compliances.

  • Bulk Transactions: Now generate e-Waybill in Bulk from the Sales Invoice List. Also, update transporter details for multiple invoices in one click.

  • Extend e-Waybill validity conveniently from within ERP.

  • e-Waybill from Purchase: We’ve extended e-Waybill support to purchases from unregistered businesses or purchase returns.

New Reports

To give you a better overview of your business, we’ve added a few new reports:

  • Audit Trail Report: Track changes to your core accounting doctypes swiftly and easily.

  • GSTR3B Details Report: View the details of the transaction covered in GSTR3B.

  • GST Balance Report: Get a simple overview of the balance of the GST Account by GSTIN and company.

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest features on India Compliance, designed with your convenience in mind.

Contributing Back

Let’s continue to enhance India’s Compliance together! Your feedback is instrumental in these advancements and future improvements. Here are some ways you can contribute:

  • Bug Reports – We take bugs very seriously, and we appreciate your help in identifying and reporting any you encounter. Your vigilance helps us maintain the quality of India Compliance.

  • Documentation – Contributing to our documentation can be just as valuable as contributing code. If you can help us create more accurate, comprehensive documentation for existing features, please do!

  • Pull Requests – We’re always open to new ideas that can enhance our app. If you’ve developed a feature or fixed a bug, submit a pull request. We review all submissions and appreciate every contribution.

Your contributions, large or small, are highly valued. Together, we can make India Compliance even better!

If you appreciate our effort, please consider starring our repo to help increase our visibility and benefit more users. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Super job!

as we have to file monthly returns GSTR3B
however some of our suppliers file quarterly returns
We cannot avail ITC for the purchases of these suppliers. The same have to be reconciled as and when the supplier uploads them
so just wanted to check how the reconciliation tool handles differed entries for suppliers that file quarterly returns


GSTR2A/2B has already been released in Version 14.
Update your apps to use the feature. Docs are following up soon.

Get started by setting up credentials in GST Settings with the type Returns.

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is the credential same as that of e-invoice ?
if there any procedure please share.

No, it’s different. They are the ones you use for

Steps -
Enable API Access

Add Credentials


  • Password is not required for service type returns as its authenticated with OTP.
  • Username is the login username you use for

Thank you.

Can you please explain in detail how to create credential in like Explained for E-invoice and E-waybill.

No need to create new credentials. You need to use your existing username for that you use to file returns.

Thank you.