New features in Projects and Tasks/Hours and materials for a Task


Last time I updated ERPNext I noticed in the update log in the command prompt, new features related with project costing.

I was having a look now at project and tasks, and I saw the new buttons at the top of the page, under the menu.

These new features are VERY HANDY, and I like them very much, thank you!!

I think that these new features are specially useful for service oriented companies.

I asked in the forum a long time ago and #rmehta suggested to add a custom field BOM in a task to be able to account the materials used on it during a project.

Really I am not very keen on using BOM’s for this, and this is, among other things, because I would like to invoice on a project, several task at once, and keeping details of all the materials used on the task, so that the client knows exactly from where comes the cost of a job.

For a normal user the customizations involved on that are daunting at least.

I can see that to complete the new features you added, a new button by Time Logs or Expense Claims, that could allow assign materials to the task, just as expenses, would be wonderful.

Then, after this, the ability to generate from the task at any moment a Sales Order, that would take all the Time Logs and Items not yet invoiced would be superb.

But I say this as a complete basic user without the minimum knowledge of the underlying Framework, and the feasibility of what I say.

Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,


@pagliaso we are planning to tie up Purchase Invoices with projects to keep track of material costs.

Integrating this with the Sales - Billing cycle is still something we have not fully figured out.

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Hi Rmehta,

Many thanks for your reply.

That is very good news!!

Thanks and Kind regards from Spain,