New features / suggestion

Hi Erpnext Developers,

I am opening this topic for new features and suggestion which erpnext should have, I am sorry if there is a separate forum, topic or category already exists, because I couldn’t found one, please let me know if it is there, I will repeat myself over there.

Now coming back to the Features.

  1. Emails
    As Erpnext is providing this feature but requirement is of user mailbox, i.e. each user should not go and check the email client or web-mail separately for reading his daily emails, I think there should be mailbox option over Imap where users mails can be read within erpnext (like vtiger is having this).

  2. Chat System
    There should be the chat system where the visitors of website should be able to chat with the agent or sales person of the company and from there only he (the erpnext user/sales person) should able to create the leads, opportunity or Issue, for the feature list you can take a look on

  3. VoIP integration
    I have read some topics in the forum about this integration but not able to find the final results, so I think this also an Important feature, which should be integrated with erpnext, the users should have the dialing and call pickup drop feature in it, In short it will be a web phone which will use the SIP parameters to connect the PBX, and that could be asterix pbx, freeswitch pbx etc.

These three features will be helpful to get service Industries to run there business properly and smooth.

Please let me know if these are possible ?


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@deepak727 you can create a GitHub for this feature. Please refer the following link.

If it is feasible then we will consider it.


Hi @shachiTakalkar

Thanks for the response, well I am totally new to github, I have created my account on it but not able to find the New feature or suggestions on above mentioned link, can you please let me know how i can create it or any documentation or link for doing this ?



I think @RobertSchouten and @IAGAdmin are working on # 1

I guess if there are enough use cases, sponsors, both the other items on your list are great to have!

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Hi , I think number 1 and 3 really important feature , I’m happy to hear some one working on number 1 , so in feature we have more control in email and inquiry in ERPNEXT .
If there is any plan for number 3( Voip/Asterisk integration ) I’ll donate $200 for this option to ERPNext , hope other user also help to add this option in ERPNEXT.

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my goal is to get no 1 merged this year so not long now


Dear Members,

Thanks for the responses, I would like to contribute $400 for all the features mentioned above, and I would like to see erpnext one of the finest system having all the possible features.



Hello @deepak727

Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to the new forthcoming Foundation to coordinate these activities and resources.

Dear, we can also contribute between $ 200 and $ 300.

There are several stakeholders in the community on the subject of voip that can surely contribute if more funds are needed.


I’m also very interested in the 3) VoIP. Would do $200 donation as well.

Do we have any news on this project?