New field in existing doctype to push upstream

How does one create a new field to be pushed upstream in an existing doctype? Say I want to contribute some changes and I need a new field.

I can edit the Json files but how about the dB field?

just create an frappe app and generate the json file using fixture no need to touch manually the db


  • You install Frappe/ERPNext in developer mode using best suited method (auto installer/manual).
  • First fork or clone official ERPNext/Frappe repo from github.
  • Make changes in DocType using Web interface (Desk > Explore > Developer > DocType)
  • Once changes are made run bench migrate
  • Then push your app directory using git push to remote forked branch of yours
  • Then create pull request from to official repository with justification and screenshot for your changes (if you are making changes to existing docTypes from core modules).

FYI, Directly editing json file is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. But even if you do, bench migrate will role changes to db.

@ccfiel @yashodhan thanks!

makes sense, i was always wondering how you would get the DB changes. :grin: