New filter in Erpnext v7.2

The new filters, contributed by Australia are fantastic…But rather useless for me as a cloud user if they cannot be customized… The standard fields are not very useful…( date of creation…odified on, created by and so on)…
A user filtering sales is likely to filter on Customer, Date, Amount, status, customer group etc…Hope that setting the filter fields, or even better modifiy them on the fly will soon be added…robert


Very true. I love the new filter style, but they’re useless to me in most cases. I actually had to coach our payroll dept to NOT use them since they made the mistake of filtering with “Created by” for attendance records and didn’t remember that managers could create attendance records for employees and those wouldn’t show up if you filtered “Created by” that employee.

When told not to use them, the quote was “That’s too bad, they’re so user friendly…”.

Hopefully customization of the filter headers per doctype is around the corner!