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Hello Community,

Clearly we have to distinct sets of people here, users and developers. A lot of us overlap too between users and developers.

From a new user point of view, this forum seems very intimidating, since there are a lot of developer focused queries here… So we have decided to move questions related to Frappé Framework on a separate forum.

Also Frappé Framework is getting more and more popular in its own right, away from ERPNext so let us also give it its own forum.

So here it goes!

Lets start moving Frappé specifc queries and discussions to this new forum and user related questions here.


Is there anyway to move developers category post from current forum and Users to new forum?


Great move! I’m sure this will help more contributions to Frappè and not limiting the framework to ERPNext developers / users. Obviously ERPNext users are to benefit from enhancing the framework. Integrations, CMS, Inheritance, theming etc. are quite hot already. Way to go!


great news <3


Now I’m not allowed to reply to topics there. It says I reached max number of replies for new user :frowning:

can you increase this limit since the new users in frappe forums are most likely users from this forum

Hi @rmehta

Trust you’re doing great. Is social login enabled on the new forum? On this forum we can login using Github and other social accounts. I don’t see that option on the new forum!

Please advise




Trust everyone’s doing great. I noticed we still don’t have Github/Social login activated on the Frappe forum. Is this something that’s difficult to do? I thought it would be a breeze since it’s already implemented here

Hope this is being looked into. It’s not a great experience to have to create new credentials on every new portal… Not in this day and age!


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Better Decision

This is just a FYI here as I see that has now been shutdown and replaced…

So henceforth for frappe framework q & a support go to Newest 'frappe' Questions - Stack Overflow

There you can filter searches based on the tag ‘frappe’ and also ‘erpnext’