Site Shutdown Notice

TLDR; Site will be put in “Read Only Mode” from 2019-11-16T18:30:00Z. New questions are encouraged on under the frappe-framework tag.

We started this forum about 2 years ago. Over the course, we’ve had some great discussions and have built a healthy ecosystem.

However, this hasn’t been our only channel for communication. With, GitHub issues under frappe/erpnext/bench, stackoverflow, personal emails to the core team, we realized maintaining these various channels gets hard and even more so, getting answers. And due of this disconnect, the community suffers.

In light of these realizations, we have made the decision to archive this forum; change it to read only mode to preserve all the conversations for future references. Moving all Frappe queries to seemed like a viable option as it’s the goto place for devs who need answers yesterday.


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Very positive move…Its a win for all