New Frappe Site Not Loading Properly

I installed frappe on my local machine [running Pop OS based on Linux].
After following the installation guide I have installed a custom app & site. But now I am getting this UI:

and the console is giving following errors:

I have tried following:

  1. reinstalled bench couple of times
  2. Updated bench couple of times
  3. reinstalled bench couple of times

but still not able to solve this… Please help I am tired.

Try these.
bench build
bench –site sitename migrate
bench clear-website-cache

Hi @Navneet_Jain:

Chech your nginx logs … maybe permissions issue on your bench or assets folder …

Try this cmd:

sudo chmod o+x /home/<user_name>

I was able to solve this by doing following:

  1. Move app to development mode
  2. There was another redis server instance that blocking the port so I killed those processes.