New frequency in Auto Repeat

I have a document named Log Schedule which is a log of machines which are filled by the users after inspection of the machine and its readings.

I have some details in it like UOM , UOM Measure and Machine details and they have to fill the values according to machine and its units.

I want to schedule this document in Hourly basis because our machines are inspected every hour to find any performance issue or heat, current and all other aspects.

I found option in frappe to auto repeat any document But it does not have any option to add a frequency for HOURLY basis.

Can anyone help me regarding this or can guide me how can I add a Hourly option in auto repeat and schedule my documents Hourly.

Default has no option, but you have to customize/develop the whole flow of the Auto Repeat.

can you please guide me how can i do that

You have to override the method or some functionality. so first you have to learn the hook concept so check the hooks concept.