New Functionality of dis-mental and stock-transfer

Hi Everyone,

I need a help. Since the below functionality has been removed.

I want to create a new DocType say “Stock Transfer” by which if an item’s UOM need to be changed and due to lack of lack of functionality we need to create a new item code for the same by keeping all the transaction with old item as it is. I want a doctype by which I can transfer the stock of
“Item X-Old” to “Item X-New”

Similarly I want a functionality of dis-mental.
Say for example I have an assembly which has some technical issues and due to that the assembly has got rejected into QC, but some how we can use the parts of this sub-assembly by breaking the Sub-Assembly into parts as this process is called dis-mental.

I know, I can perform all these activities by doing issue receipt transactions but I want to do this with a new functionality. However I can create a new doctype, but I am worried about the functionality of the same, I mean the coding part, can anybody help me in this regard.

Ruchin Sharma


Please try repacking option in Stock Entry.

It doesn’t fits to my requirement.
I tried the Repack functionality, but it checks the available qty. of A,B and C in the target store.

My requirement is, I have a BOM say X which is made of
A - 1 Qty.
B - 2 Qty.
C - 3 Qty.

I manufactured X by issuing respective qty. of A,B,C to the shop floor and finally production people manufactured X. Now due to some technical issues, X was not able to pass the QC test.

Therefore QC rejected X, now I want to de-assemble it so that I can extract respective qty. of A,B,C from X. I want the functionality where I fill X and according to the BOM, system should tell me how much qty. of A,B, and C can be extracted from X, upto that I can use, but I want furthermore that when it tells me the qty. of A,B and C used in X. I can extract those qty. from X and use them for further production.

Ruchin Sharma

I don’t think the feature is available out of the box.