[new idea] Use stock projected quantity report as work order component stock availability report

there are a lot of filtering options in standard stock projected quantity report: company, item, warehouse, item group,brand, uom, there is no easy way to check one work order’s all components stock availability(projected quantity), so I am trying to enhance the stock projected quantity report the following way

  1. add one more filter field: work order
  2. when work order is selected, only show the final result(list) with which the item code and warehouse match item code and source warehouse from the work order required items table, add the required and transferred quantity to output list.
  3. add custom view button to work order form view, click this button will jump to the report directly with work order prefilled.

I planned to add following 2 features to this report

  1. add columns to show the earliest 3 purchase orders, work orders, material request and sales orders info (Doc name, Date, Qty)
  2. allow double click the ordered qty field to show relevant purchase orders list report( drilldown to breaddown list)

How do you think?

Many thanks.

keep as a reference, how to implement report drill down