New install of ERPNext not running wizard

I’ve installed ERPNext within Ubuntu 22.04. Site is up and running but when I log in as Administrator and setup new user it doesn’t run the wizard. Once logged in as Administrator I only see Public (Users, Website, Build, Tools, Settings, Integrations). Been troubleshooting but can’t find if I did something wrong or if something went wrong. Any help would be greatly apprecaited and thank you in advance.

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From your description it appears you only installed the frappe app and setup wizard must have been skipped at some point.

If you’re finding it difficult installing using the manual instructions found, you can install ERPNext with this non-interactive script:

Just provide the database password, admin password as well as site name and the script will handle the rest.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you. Last night, before I saw your reply, I decided to look deeper into what’s going on. I discovered the step by step on the forum for getting ERPNext up and running so I took a snapshot of the server, reverted back to vanilla Ubuntu and then followed the step by step. I can now see everything else. The Wizard still didn’t run for some reason and I don’t see all “domains”. I currently working to get the domain “Services” setup since we are a service company. All I see is Manufacturing and Retail listed under Active Domains so trying to figure out how to activate Services and then apply that to the new company that was created.