New install on fresh Ubuntu system has No default company found error

Hi friends, I just installed a fresh Ubuntu system on my laptop and deployed ERPNext version 15. On setting up I have a default company not found error. How can this be solved. I’ve updated successfully yet error persists.

So I commented out these lines to proceed:

	#	{
	#		"default_currency": args.get("currency"),
	#		"default_company": args.get("company_name"),
	#		"country": args.get("country"),
	#	}

On creating a company I get a payroll_payable_account object error on Company. It appears the issue is with the dev HRMS app. App was removed and I did a bench update --reset. All is good now. I would say the HRMS may need some further tweaking for version 15. Any one who has done this may update this thread to help others. Thanks.

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