New installation from scratch - Bench update error/ Install error

I just did a new installation on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS Server.

I stricly followed the installation procedure on GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps using the script “wget”.

Recently I had trouble in an other installation using “bench update”. So I was curious whether the same problem occurs on a fresh installation. Yes - same problem: “Cannot proceed with update: You have local changes in app “frappe” that are not committed.” Very strange for a fresh installation, is’nt it?

This is a little bit frustration - specially for new users.

Proceeding with the setup “Bench start” and setting up a german Company “Test”, german language, MEZ-timezone and Euro-currency the installation stops with the message “Es sind Fehler aufgetreten” - There are errors.

This is really annoying for new users.

The foundation should pay more attention to the installation scripts. They should allways work in every language - otherwise it will be impossible to get more fans for Frappé/Erpnext.

bench update would throw error if some local changes are done in frappe or erpnext files of the develop branch. For a seamless transition of bench update make sure you are on the develop branch on both frappe and erpnext. Also make sure your develop branch is clean as bench update runs the git pull command and if local changes are done then that can cause merge conflict. Try to checkout a new branch when changing some files and switch back to develop branch when running bench update. To get the latest changes in the branch that you created you can switch to that branch and do a git pull --rebase upstream develop.

As I have written: I started “bench update” on a totally fresh installation - no local changes at all!

When you say Fresh Installation - what exactly do you mean ? Deleting frappe-bench and bench folder and installing everything again from the script ?

  1. I installed a new Ubuntu 16.04.3 server on a virutual machine
  2. I logged in as a non root user.
  3. I downloaded the install script (wget
  4. I have run the script (sudo python --develop)
  5. I have executed the command “bench update” in /frappe-bench"

Really simple, but unfortunately not successful.

bench update --reset Should do the trick maybe ?

bench update --reset should allways work. According to the documentation bench update should work too - but it does not.

More frustrating: I can not setup a new company with the setup assistant. It will finish with “There were errors”.

Really buggy - seems like a beta version.

Documentation is quite poor on

Now I tried a manual Install according the guide:

Installation stopped with: Command "python egg_info" failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip-build-SZv31h/mysqlclient/ - but MariaDB is installed.