New installation

I need a new installation of Erp Next.
I already have a server with ErpNext but with considerable problems.
I would therefore like a new installation in line with my existing one so that I can migrate the data.
Once the data has been migrated I would like it to be updated to Italian accounting (I believe it is already present in version 11)

Hi @p.russo,

and how can we help you with that? As you have one installation, do the same thing again (presumably a fresh VM). And yes, v11 will bring you the current Italian “fattura eletronica”.

No, new installation must be performed because I have had serious problems with the main system user “Developer”. From December I work without.
I am not a programmer, so I would like a professional collaboration for now and for the future.
If you want I can give details of the problem but I consider it useless to waste time so I would like to run this program:
New installation on ubuntu (I think it is also possible to overwrite the installation by deleting frappe-bench and user frappe, but this I let her decide then:
1 installation aligned to the existing one (which I have on another server)
2 securing snapshot of point 1
3 update to version 11 (if not problems continue)
4 execution snapshot point 3
5 snapshot restore point 1 (so that it has the same number of database columns to update data)
6 execution of snapshot point 5 (if not problems continue)
7 updated system update version 11

Right place to post your request.