New Item and the BOM


When I tried o add an item. It got added.


In Item

I have added Resistor,capacitor,diode,zener diode,Mother Board


For MotherBoard I need 2 capacitor and 5 Resistor.

and for resistor i need 2 diodes

So under Resistor i have added 2 diodes with 5 quantity. I have Diode as a seperate BOM. But i cant able to add price for it. Because im purchasing an item(Diode) for first time. So how to apply the price rule for diodes. Or where to give the price for diode


After you have made Purchase Receipt for Item diode, go back to BOM, and click on “Update Cost” button. If in the BOM, you have updated Item price based on Item’s valuation, you will see for diode purchase prices updated in the BOM as well.

Ya im getting price from price list. But Becuase of some BOM no. Im not able to update the product

Can you elaborate why? Are you receiving any error message? Steps followed when found error will be helpful.

Im not geting any errors

But when i add diode and zener diode with price list.
In price list i have given
zener diode- 100

For the resistor when i tried to add 2 diode and 5 zener diode.
Now my resistor cost should be (100+500)600.

But im getting zero.

BOM rates are not picked up from price list but form your purchases (I think this is fixed in version 5) You can always click on “Update Cost” after making a purchase.

Also check Rate of Material Based On