New Item Creation


I am using version 7.0.26

When a new item is created in full page (without entering anything in the quick entry window), the ‘item code’ is saved as ‘item description’. If we enter anything in the quick entry window (eg. ‘item code’) and then edit it in full page, the flow is normal and the ‘item name’ is saved as ‘item description’.

Is it possible to make ‘item name’ saved as ‘item description’ by default unless specified manually?


Hi, check stock settings on setup

Hi JoEz,

Thank for replying.

What settings need to be changed? Could you elaborate a bit?


maybe i offer you other options:
–not use item code, change to "naming series–
go to “stock - stock settings” and change item naming by “naming series” – save.
reload and input againt a new item.

but if you want to use your options, i thinks must custom script.

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The item_code should be the actual part number of a product. We are resellers and we can’t change the item_code to some other number.


@fasilkaks The default behavior should be as you said, description should be name. We will have to fix it at our end. We will let you know once it is done.

Hi Kanchan,

Really appreciate it and looking forward to a faster resolution!

Many thanks!


i am also facing the same issue. when opening the print format, the full description is showing. and consumes lot of space also.

so, when we are making bulk item invoice, it will be too difficult.

expecting the solutions at the earliest.